Our elevator safety features include:

Brake system that works with a speed sensor to ensure a safe speed for the cabin

Door sensors that detect movement as not to close on anyone entering or exiting the cabin

Almost all elevator cabins have an emergency alarm switch that can be manually operated. This, along with an emergency telephone that directly connects with lobby security or the fire department, gives the passengers control when normal operation ceases.

  • --Daily automatic brake testing.
  • --A curtain of light to aid safe entry and exit.
  • --Accurate landing that reduces the risk of tripping.

Door opening button to control doors when the elevator is stopped. An emergency system includes an alarm with a two-way phone and an emergency power supply Auto Rescue Device Interlocks that control whether or not a cabin can begin ascent or descent – if the doors are not fully closed, the interlocks will stop the cabin from moving Buffers located in the pit that can protect the cabin and passengers in case of a fall.

Our Elevators are supported by multiple steel cables. Each cable alone can support a fully loaded car.