Nexa Pro

Nexa Pro / Traction Motor (Machine room Elevator)

Elevators not only make transportation hassle-free, but also bring luxury, improve safety and add beauty to any ambiance. At Nexa Elevator, we are specialized in designing, manufacturing, installing, modernizing and maintaining elevators, goods elevators and Traction Motor i.e. machine room elevators for all kinds of commercial-use buildings including shopping centres, office buildings, hotels and any type of space with high traffic demands and the need for maximum functionality.

Owing to affluent experience in the industry, we offer an excellent range of Traction Motor (machine room elevator) that is manufactured with precision. The machine room elevators are developed using supreme quality materials imported from Germany, while keeping in mind the industry defined guidelines. At Nexa Elevator, these product ranges are however available in Nexa Classic Series, Nexa Elegant Series and Nexa Pro.

Type: Machine Room

Doors: SS Center Opening Uato Door
SS Side Opening Uato Door

Capacity: 4 to 24 Passengers

Speed: 0.7 mtr/sec to 1.40 mtr/sec

Features: Touch Display, ARD, Alarm Clock

Options: CCTV LCD Display Intercom, Biometric access Control