Nexa Premium

NEXA Premium / MRL LIFT (Machine room Less)

MRL lifts are specially designed to ferry people vertically from point A to Point B. We at Nexa Elevator offer all types of MRL lifts of different speed and capacity. Also, we offer varied array of attractive and sturdy cabins crafted with German-made materials, chic designs, wooden and aluminium coated panels and many more. We provide latest version of landing doors and auto doors for cabin to provide better safety and comfort.

Being a reckoned name in this domain, we offer a complete range of solutions of hydraulic or traction technology, without a machine room (MRL). In circumstance of limited space of low-rise residential and commercial building construction, MRL LIFT (Machine room less) will be an ideal choice in suiting the conditions of investment. These product ranges are available in Nexa Premium and Nexa Eco Series.

Type: MRL (Machine Room Loss)

Doors: SS Center Opening, Side Opening Auto Door, SS Designer Door

Capacity: 4 to 24 Passengers

Speed: 0.66 mtr/sec to 1.40 mtr/sec

Features: ARD, Touch Display, CCTV, Alarm Clock

Options: LCD Display, Intercom, Biometric access Control