Nexa Mojo

Nexa Mojo / Hydraulic Lifts Motor

People in residential or commercial buildings definitely need an elevator as it will make their tasks easier. At Nexa Elevator, we design and build one of the finest Hydraulic Lifts Motor on the market, offering superior quality, design and craftsmanship that can be integrated into existing or new architecture. We offer homeowners an affordable vertical transportation option that adds comfort, accessibility and value to homes. Choose from a traditional cable elevator, a MRL LIFT(Machine room Less), a hydraulic lifts, a traditional elevator with sliding doors, a glass elevator, a shaft-less elevator, or even a pneumatic elevator. After installing a Hydraulic lifts motor, we are ready to assist you with regular maintenance to keep the unit running efficiently and safely.

Type: Hydraulic

Doors: SS Center Opening Glass

Capacity: 4 to 7 Passengers

Speed: 0.7 mtr/sec to 1.32 mtr/sec

Features: Touch Display, ARD, Alarm Clock

Options: CCTV LCD Display Intercom, Biometric access Control