Nexa Hercules

Nexa Hercules ( Hospital Lift / Elevators )

Elevators for medical purpose are vertical transportation equipment used in hospital to move patients and surgical instruments. Nexa Elevator designs, manufactures, installs, modernizes, and maintains patient trolley elevators, goods elevators and Stretcher Lifts to make it easier to transport food trolleys, medical equipments, patients, etc.

At Nexa Elevator, Hospital Lift (Stretcher Lifts) Traction Motor or MRL Lifts Motor is precisely designed employing high-end technology and well-checked European standard materials specially imported from Germany. Our environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art Stretcher Lifts are built to perform in extreme, intense working conditions.

Type: Machine Room
Machine Room Less (MRL)

Doors: SS Center Opening Auto Door
Side Opening

Capacity: 6 to 24 Passengers

Speed: 0.66 mtr/sec to 1.60 mtr/sec

Features: ARD, Intercom, CCTV

Options: Bio Metric Access Control, LCD Display, Touch Display, Etching, MS Glass or Designer Cabin